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Fastfoot Fabric Formwork for Concrete Footings & Pad Edging in CO

Fastfoot®, made of high density polyethylene fabric, is a green replacement of lumber and plywood for forming concrete footings. 

Fastfoot® is ideal for residential and commercial strip footings and pad edging.

Compare this: a 100 foot roll of Fastfoot® forms the same concrete as 1,500 pounds of lumber!

Fastfoot® makes it easy and is now printed in three colors for easy reference of footing width lines. The Installation Guide is available for reference quickly and easily onsite via our QR codes printed directly on the product.

Fastfoot® has been nominated in 2010 and 2012 as the Contractors' Choice Product of the Year.

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Fastfoot Advantages:

Fab-Form Fastfoot Prevents Concrete Damage, Fabric Formwork for concrete footings and pad edging in COPrevents Concrete Damage 
  • Fastfoot® is a closed form.
  • As seen from this photo there is no concrete damage to screed boards and stakes.
  • This means your 2x4s and stakes can be re-used indefinitely. 

Fab-Form Fastfoot Adapts to Uneven Ground, Fabric Formwork for concrete footings and pad edging in COAdapts to Uneven Ground & Rock
  • Special colored width lines allow Fastfoot® to be 'let out' or 'pulled in' to accommodate uneven excavations. 
  • No need to scab lumber on the sides of your footings or shovel the ground to achieve the footing depth. 
  • Fastfoot® is perfect over rock as shown in this photo. 

Fab-Form Fastfoot Ideal for Stepped Footings, Fabric Formwork for concrete footings and pad edging in COIdeal for Stepped Footings 
  • Fastfoot® quickly adapts to the uneven contours of your bank. 
  • No need to waste plywood. 

Fab-Form Fastfoot Forms Deep Footings, Fabric Formwork for concrete footings and pad edging in COForms Deep Footings 
  • Fastfoot® is ideal for deep footings and commercial pads.
  • Form footings up to 4' deep.
  • Eliminate expensive and heavy plywood and eliminate expensive re-cycling of formwork. 

Fab-Form Fastfoot Prevents Rising Damp, Fabric Formwork for concrete footings and pad edging in COPrevents Rising Damp 
  • Concrete is 'hygroscopic', wicking up ground moisture which leads to a damp and moldy interior. 
  • Fastfoot® is a damp-proof membrane, preventing ground moisture wicking into the footing concrete, providing a drier, healthier indoor environment.  

Fab-Form Fastfoot Prevents Ground Water Contamination, Fabric Formwork for concrete footings and pad edging in COPrevents Ground Water Contamination 
  • Fastfoot® is a closed form, preventing cement fines from entering the water table. 

Fab-Form Fastfoot Enhances Concrete Strength, Fabric Formwork for concrete footings and pad edging in COEnhances Concrete Strength 
  • Fastfoot® prevents the footing concrete from being contaminated by mud and water, leading to a stronger concrete. 
  • In the summer, Fastfoot® prevents rapid evaporation of moisture in the sides and bottom of the footing. This ensures adequate moisture for proper hydration of the cement particles. 

Fastfoot concrete forming products are GreenSpec Listed and contribute to USGBC LEED categories for COGreen Building Product 
  • Conserves Natural Resources
    • A single 100 foot roll of Fastfoot® forms the same footing as 1500 pounds of lumber, representing a dramatic increase in efficiency. Footing lumber is discarded after several reuses because of alkaline damage. Fastfoot® protects all lumber and stakes from concrete. The photo on the right shows the typical footing lumber on a residential foundation in Vancouver BC. The photo insert shows Fastfoot® with sewn corners, where not a single piece of lumber was used to form the concrete. The fabric stays in place to prevent ground moisture from entering the foundation concrete.
  • Prevents Ground Water Pollution
    • Fastfoot® is a damp-proof membrane and prevents concrete toxins from contaminating sensitive ground water. With lumber footing forms, the concrete is in direct contact with the ground, and cement fines enter the groundwater, contaminating spawning and wildlife habitat.
  • Provides a Drier, Healthier Indoor Environment
    • The Fastfoot® membrane prevents moisture from wicking up through the concrete footing into the home. This prevents mold and fungi that grow in damp environments and can cause severe respiratory infections and allergic reactions. Concrete is 'hygroscopic', meaning ground moisture wicks up through the footing concrete and inside the building. Fastfoot® is a vapor barrier which prevents this wicking.
  • Fastfoot® is LEED® contributing and GreenSpec® listed. 

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