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Core Construction Products - Energy Efficent, Green Building Products - News & EventsThe Team at Core Construction Products West is constantly on the look-out for innovative Energy Efficient green building products and exciting sustainable building trends in the Western US.

Our North American Team takes pride in being experts in this industry and therefore, our mission is to find and promote sustainable Green Building practices. Through our dealer network, partners, colleagues, Core's suppliers & manufacturers and through our own due diligence, we will endeavour to keep up-to-date with today's Green Building & Energy Efficient practices, Net-Zero, Passivehaus, LEED certification and all other trends that affect our building industry.

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Latest News

Find out what is the latest, breaking news that affects my industry and my region. From green project starts, to construction trends to the coolest Energy Efficient and Green Building Technologies, find the headlines here.

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Upcoming Events

From Trade Shows to Training Events to Industry Experts, this is where events that affect Green Building, Passive House, Net-Zero Energy, USGBC LEED and Energy Efficient building in Western US and North American can be found.

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Industry Links

We've put together a comprehensive listing of helpful websites including supplier links, association links, and information resources for Green Building and Energy Efficient technologies. 

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