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Green Building Materials for LEED & Energy Star Certified Home Building and Commercial Structures in Colorado & Western USA

Green Building Materials for LEED & Energy Star Certified Home Building and Commercial StructuresAs events from the last few years demonstrate in North America, homes, buildings and structures that can withstand fires, extreme cold and heat, flooding, drought, intense storms and other effects of a changing climate - as well as problems brought by our fellow human neighbours (like security or noise nuisance) - highlight the need to promote resilient and sustainable Green building materials.

This has provided the motivation for new Building Codes to ensure safer, sustainable, energy-efficient, and comfortable buildings and structures in New York City for example, where in implementing 16 of the 33 recommendations coming out of the Building Resiliency Task Force in 2013, NYC has demonstrated the potential for moving forward quickly with change. Other western municipalities will surely make similar progress in specifying resilient green building products and systems.

Core Construction Products West LLC have used their experience to choose the best Green Home Building Products for safe, durable and highly insulated concrete construction best adapted for Western US, and most importantly at the right price.

Green Building is an investment for the future, so choosing the right green building materials is a Core decision when building a sustainable and resilient structural envelope. Building to the latest Code at the same or lower cost than old-fashioned and inefficient wooden stick frame is a wise decision in our opinion.

Choosing insulated concrete construction and ensuring cost savings and security for the future is easy when Core Construction Products West has already done the hard work and found the ideal American Made Green Building Materials perfect for the job...

Core Construction Products West  Choose to Build With:

Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) Building System

When building a green concrete home or multi-level commercial structure, it's hard to beat the advantages of building with Quad-Lock Insulated Concrete Forms. Insulating concrete forms or ICFs are polystyrene blocks which are stacked into the shape of the exterior and load bearing walls of a building, reinforced with steel rebar, and then filled with solid concrete. ICF construction meets the public’s demand for homes and buildings to be more energy efficient and environmentally responsible whilst also supplying the benefits of enhanced comfort, quiet, resistance and security...

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Colbond Building & Roofing Products

Colbond Building & Roofing Products for Radon Resistance and Moisture ControlColbond, part of the Low & Bonar Group are North America's Global Manufacturing Leader in High-Performance Construction, Engineering and Technical Textiles. Enkadrain and Enkamat products sold in North America are manufactured in the U.S. specifically for LEED qualifying sustainable building applications such as green roof drainage and water retention, metal roof thermal ventilation, waterproof membrane reinforcement, sub-surface drainage and Radon Gas venting and reduction. Backed by over 30 years of proven experience and continual research and development, Enka-Engineered products are the leading drainage standard for high value reliability and performance.…

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GEO-Slab Insulated Slab and Foundation Forms by Legalett Legalett Insulated Slab and Foundation Forms

For innovative slab forming systems Legalett are The North American experts. GEO-Slab is an insulated shallow foundation product for no frost walls, GEO-Passive is a customized extra insulated shallow foundation needing no frost walls, optimised for Passive Home requirements and GEO-Basement is a buried structural slab system for builders wanting a pre-formed insulated basement slab (purpose designed for poor soils and building on fill)...

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Fab-Form Concrete Forming Products

Fab-Form Concrete Forming Products for COFab-Form Industries Ltd. develops and manufactures products for the concrete forming industry. Fab-Form offers fabric-based products to form concrete footings, columns, foundations and walls for commercial & residential construction. Fab-Form Industries is the leader in concrete footing forming with Fastfoot, has revolutionized the forming of concrete columns & pilasters with Fast-Tube and is the only system available for pouring concrete footings and ICF walls in one step. 

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Sider-Crete ICF Stucco Finishing Products

Sider-Crete ICF Stucco Finishing Products

Since 1937 Sider-Crete provides durable polymer based interior or exterior ICF finishes with a complete line of ICF Stucco products. Sider-Crete's coatings are strong, resistant, simple to install and include: Strong & Durable ICF Base-Coat, High Quality Reinforcing Mesh, ICF 'Old-World' Colored Stucco, ICF Acrylic Colored Finishes and Waterproofing Solutions. When starting a Green Construction using Insulating Concrete Forms, Sider-Crete provides the perfect products to finish it!...

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The Giraffe ICF Bracing SystemGiraffe ICF Bracing Systems

As the leader in design and manufacturing of ICF Bracing for the 21st century, the Giraffe ICF Bracing System uses the latest product development and the highest quality materials available. Using customer feedback Giraffe ICF Bracing have incorporated many improvements into the products, allowing the safe bracing and support for building walls 10', 15' and 20' high. Incorporating 14 gauge rolled edge galvanised steel, internal zinc-plated turnbuckles and heavy duty zinc-plated gravity pins, Giraffe ICF braces stand tall above other manufacturers of ICF wall bracing products...

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